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We are part of a family run business which has been operating since 1929, under Sidney G Dyson as a furniture shop.

Then in 1952 it was changed to a clock shop by his son in law Emil Skiba who upon his retirement passed the business to his daughter Jo Elwood, 

who now runs it with Garry Martin and her daughter Vicky Elwood. 




Clocks are a real passion once you start you cant stop. 

They add character to your home, no matter what age the house is or where you live. 

One myth that people have is that unless you live in an old house antiques clocks will look out of place. But nothing is further from the truth, as long as they are positioned correctly, by that I mean in balance with your other furniture and styling. 

They give so much life to your home with the gentle rhythm of the pendulum ticking, maybe an hourly strike on a bell. 

Longcase clocks are not only a beautiful piece of furniture but a living working and useful object, That is a very good potential investment and can be passed down though the family. 

old oundle.jpg

3. The shop in approx 1930's. with Mr S. G. Dyson standing in the doorway     

Some people say we are merely the caretakers looking after theses precious objects for the next generations. 


Our shop over the years.

1. How the shop looked, from the 1950's to the early 2000's. 

2. How the shop looks now. You'll notice the white dog has moved from the top window, into the shop.   

thumbnail_IMG_3637 (1).jpg

Locally made clocks have always been of extra interest to us. As they inspire our knowledge of our surroundings and local history.

We specialist in clocks, that have been made in our local area, we also have a well documented history of the makers, in some cases we know the exact building they worked from.

Having a clock made in the area you live in or even the area you grew up in is fascinating.    

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